I am so eggcited!

It is crazy to think that it is one day shy of October. This, to me, is insane. I am not sure what happened to September. I mean, I know there were days in there somewhere, and that they were filled with family, food, and fun…but I am not quite sure how they slipped by so quickly.

It would be easy to say that life is full and that there are lots of things going on between work and extra-curricular activities (like convention after convention, yoga teacher training, storytimes starting back up at work…) And sometimes, I just need a break.

Now that I am a full-time librarian, I have a bit less free time than I used to. I am unable to experiment as much as I would like; and on the off chance that I do get to cook, I usually forget to take pictures of it, in order to get it to my belly as fast as possible. I hope that I will be correcting this soon. I have some FABULOUS ideas that are pun-derful and full of pie, so I hope to be bringing those to light soon.

Even though I have been slacking on the posting front, I have been following some GORGEOUS foodie instagrams, and I wanted to share them with you.

My instagram is full of food and fun and puns and adventures–though, surprisingly, not a lot of whiskey…I will have to remedy this. It is just silliness from my daily life, full of the food I cook, the things I make, and the adventures I take.

But the other ones I will be sharing are awesome. Beautiful. Delicious. Inspired.  I hope you will check them out.

Full disclosure…I do not know any of the people who have created and run these accounts. Their opinions and photography are their own. I just think they are pretty.

The first account is all about symmetrical breakfasts and it is seven kinds of gorgeous. Everything is perfectly aligned. Everything is in twos. The lighting is on point. Just. Wonderful. If you need a daily dose of order, this is IT. It is not only feast for your eyes, but also really makes you want to make beautiful things. That match. Who doesn’t love sharing?

The next account is idafrosk and it is full of bright food silliness. She creates little food art. It is fun. It is silly. It is adorable. This is the account you go to when you need a pick-me-up on a slightly gloomy day.

If you are a little more into the macabre, and enjoy your gloomy day and your pastries with a slice of darkness, Christine McConnel is for you. She is gorgeous. She bakes terrifically horrifying delicacies. She makes her own beautiful vintage dresses. She is who I aspire to be in daily life. It is astounding and wonderful and glorious. (And perfect for the approaching October.)

Julieskitchen is next and is the complete opposite. This one is lovely. It is clean, simple, bright, and fresh. Basically the complete opposite of the previous account. I am all about dichotomy.

The last one on my list for today is A Life Worth Eating. Travel. Exotic food. Gorgeous scenery. Really, it is what I would love to do.

Well, I hope those are enjoyable and that maybe you’ve found a new favorite.