I am passionate about a lot of things, but this blog focuses on three of them: Food, travel, and puns.profile
Food brings people together.  Births, deaths, holidays, holy days, celebrations…you name it, it’s usually accompanied by food. I find the culture surrounding food terribly interesting, and also know from first-hand experience that it is the best way to meet a group of people. Throw down a big pot of something, hand out a glass of something else, and you have yourself a mighty fine get-together.

I don’t have formal training in cooking or baking, I do have an eye for online and hard copy recipes, and I do like to experiment. There are so many unusual and interesting recipes floating around in the wide, wild internet, why shouldn’t I scoop them up and give them a test run? That way I can let all you good people know whether or not to try it out yourself.

Most of my recipes are found on Pinterest. I always do my best to credit where the recipe originally came from, if I can track it down. If there is not credit given, that usually means I cobbled together several recipes to form the one I’m working on. Being a librarian, I also love using the 641s at the library.

I love to experiment with different ideas, flavors, and concepts, and trying them on my unsuspecting loved ones. Whiskey and Wanderlust is what happens when I have free time: Children’s librarian by day, foodie by night.

Whiskey and Wanderlust is where I’ll be posting my favorite recipes and pictures of things I’ve tried and loved, things that have fallen flat but we ate anyway, and things that might look horrible, but are invariably delicious. As my wanderlust grows, so too will the recipes I try, reflecting where I’ve been, where I’m going, and where I hope to go.

So sit back, grab some whiskey, and enjoy.

Sip, savor, repeat.

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