The ‘ship name of Tony Stark and Pepper Pots?



I know the weather is “warming up” (and I use that term very loosely, since it refuses to get over 65), but I absolutely had to share this soup recipe. It’s awesome. Creamy and filling and wonderful. It works well on it’s own, with Indian flavors, with Italian flavors, with Mexican flavors…it’s amazing. And incredibly simple. I’ve made it twice this past week. It’s take good.

This soup has one of my all-time favorite vegetables in it: red peppers. But not just plain red peppers, roasted red peppers. I have yet to find anything that I enjoy more than a roasted red pepper. Especially when I make them myself, which is deceptively easy.p2The roasted peppers give this soup a great roasty sweetness. There are also carrots, onions, and a potato in this soup. And you will be astounded to note that there is not a dollop of extra cream or sour cream or any kind of dairy in this soupy delight. All of the creaminess comes directly from the veg. I swear it’s a kind of magic.

The original recipe called for sour cream and some other dairy, but I left it out since I didn’t have any on hand. And it does not need it (in my humble opinion). I know I am sometimes guilty of trying to cut fat any way I can, and not always to the benefit of the recipe. (You would be amazed the amount of recipes I make that DON’T make it to the blog. Kissing a lot of frogs over here for you loyal readers, that’s for sure). But, I assure you, the omission of the dairy is legit.

I would suggest pairing this delightful soup with a dairy laden grilled cheese. It’s also great on its own. I’ve had it for lunch the last 2 days. Fabulous.

Today I’ve added Ras el hanout, this wonderful sweet and spicy mixture from North Africa. You can find it in the grocery store spice aisle. While each blend of ras el hanout is different, they share some common elements: cardamom, clove, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, paprika. mace, nutmeg, peppercorn, and turmeric. It’s great, I tell you; GREAT.

Try it out!

Rad Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Adapted from Skinny Taste

Ingredientsp64 large red bell peppers, roasted seeds removed
1 tsp olive oil
1 onion, chopped
1 large carrot, peeled and chopped
4 garlic cloves, chopped
1 tsp herbs de provence
1 tsp thyme
2 c chicken broth (or vegetable stock)
2 c water
1 medium russet potato, peeled and chopped
salt and pepper to taste
1-3 tsp ras el hanout


  1. To roast red peppers on the grill, place clean fresh red peppers directly on the grill top. You can also put them directly over the flame on your stove.p1
  2. If you don’t have a fancy gas stove, turn your oven to broil and roast the peppers there. Regardless of the heat source, be sure to turn your peppers frequently, as needed until the skin has turned completely black and starts to blister. When the entire pepper skin has turned black, remove the peppers from the heat source and place them into a bowl.p3
  3. Cover the bowl with a lid or a dish to make it airtight to build up steam. Let the peppers rest in the bowl for 10 minutes.p4 Uncover, remove from the bowl and the skin will slide off easily. Cut the pepper in half to core and remove seeds.p5
  4. Heat 1 tsp of oil in a large heavy pot over medium-high heat. Add the onions, carrots, garlic, and herbs and saute until the onions are translucent, about 5 minutes.
  5. Add the broth and water, roasted bell peppers, and potato. Bring to a simmer over high heat.
  6. Decrease the heat to medium-low and cover, simmer until the potatoes are very tender, stirring occasionally, about 30 minutes.p7
  7. With an immersion hand blender, or in small batches in a regular blender, puree the soup  until it is smooth. At this point, add the ras el hanout or other spice blends you may have chosen.p9
  8. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  9. Ladles the soup  into bowl and enjoy.p10

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