If an egg starts to roll downhill…

Does that make him an eggroll?

No eggs this post, but I am on a roll! Well, the dinner I made was on a roll…does that count?dinnerIt’s been a crazy week, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

My Library had our Fall Reading Finale a week ago tomorrow.

We had simultaneous programming for birth through twelves, and I had the privilege of making dinner for the parents who attended!

I love being a children’s librarian and creating awesome projects and activities for the kiddies, but I sometimes feel bad for the parents who are just hanging around the library…waiting.

Sure, there are tons of things for parents to do while they wait, like…read a book, but c’mon. Kids get ALL the fun, it seems.

So, for our finale, I wanted to make sure to thank the parents for supporting us the way they do. So, I made them dinner. What better way to say thanks than with food, right? That’s my logic.

I made pulled pork, homemade bbq sauce, mac n cheese, and coleslaw for dinner, and pavlova for dessert! I should clarify. I made 13 pounds of pulled pork, 10 pounds of mac n cheese, 10 pounds of coleslaw, and probably over 2 liters of BBQ sauce. crockOh, and 8 cups of homemade whipped cream and about 50 mini pavlovas.

dessertIt was a HIT! I love, love, love that (almost) no one in the US knows what pavlova is. It’s so fun to explain and then watch them try it. Glorious food experiences for ALL.

I’ve never cooked for such a large group before. Well, I should say, I’ve never cooked real food for that many people before. I’ve made dessert for like 50, but cupcakes are a completely different story than meat. I was supposed to be cooking for 20 parents….but ended up actually feeding over 40; plus kids.

I sent leftovers home with several families.

It. Was. Fabulous.

I got to spend all Thursday cooking. I got to do a big Costco run on Wednesday. I broke 2 crockpots (I am such a badass). And it was ALL worth it to see those smiles and talk to the parents and to listen to them just relax for 40 minutes while their kids were otherwise occupied.

With our power going on and off with this Pre-Thanksgiving snowstorm (I am thankful for candles), I don’t have much time to sort out a recipe, but my recipe for BBQ sauce will be coming, since I thought it was great. And it doesn’t involve corn syrup of any kind. And it was glorious (in my opinion.)power!I got to cut up 13 pounds of meat! meatI got to marinate and cook said meat with an awesome spice rub.spice rubporkAnd I got to share that with local families.

Being a librarian is awesome. Cooking is awesome. Everything is awesome.

So, more recipes coming. For now I leave you with the images above.


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