What day do eggs hate most?


Wasn’t that egg-celent? I like starting off posts with a recipe-related pun. It makes me smile; hopefully it makes you smile, too. Otherwise…what are you doing here?!

Today’s recipe has to do with Avocados. Boy do I love me some avocados, clearly.

100_1747I had some quickly ripening avocados in a bowl and frantically thought about what I was going to make with them. And then it hit me: bake ’em. I had seen on Pinterest a few times that whole bake an egg in an avocado thing and decided to give it a go. Totally. Worth it.

Baking avocados (and not in a baked good, like cake) was something I’ve never done before. I can’t even explain the level of deliciousness they attained. It became, if possible, even more creamy, rich, and savory. The egg was perfect, too, with a nice runny yolk that swirled into the avocado and made it even more decadent. I know ‘decadent’ is usually reserved for sweets…but, it absolutely works here.

I had a left over homemade tortilla, I baked up the eggs/avocado, cut up some tomatoes and Egyptian Onion, threw on some Sriracha and chia seeds and chowed down.  Very satisfying. With a breakfast like this, how can my day not be full of sunshine (and hard-work that I’m absolutely ready for?)

I will warn you: scoop out a little of the avocado flesh before you place the egg in. Otherwise it will overflow.

My avocado halves were on the small side, so one egg filled both, and overflowed a bit. Maybe you are better with visual/spacial activities than I am….but beware. Don’t waste those delicious eggs! And make sure to disinfect your work surface thoroughly afterward. Just in case.

I used a cupcake tin to hold my avocado halves. This prevented them from tipping over and spilling.

I also feel that, despite each recipe that I’ve come across telling me otherwise, 1 avocado can feed 2 people. Maybe you want to eat an entire avocado/egg yourself. But, if, like me, you want some bread in there, and maybe some fruit, I chose the half option. So, this recipe can either be for 2 or 4. Your choice. See how you’re feeling.

Baked Eggs in Avocado Cups



  • 2 Hass avocados
  • 2-4 eggs (dependent on egg/avocado size)
  • Dash salt
  • Dash pepper
  • 1 tomato, sliced
  • 2 tbsp Egyptian onion, green onion, or chives (optional)
  • Sriracha
  • 1-2 tsp Chia seeds per avocado half


  1. Slice and pit the avocados, scooping out some of the flesh for each one. Place the extra avocado in a separate bowl. (Maybe make guacamole. Or, throw a little lemon juice in it to prevent oxidation and have avocado toast tomorrow!)
  2. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
  3. Place the avocado halves in a cupcake tin.  You want them to fit tightly so that they do not tip over.
  4. Crack an egg into each avocado half. If you can fit an entire egg in there. If not, crack half the egg in one avocado half, and the rest of the egg in the other.
  5. Add some salt and pepper.
  6. Place in the oven and bake for about 15-20 minutes, until the eggs reach you ideal done-ness.
  7. Once cooked perfection, take out of the tins and enjoy as a sandwich, or however you desire.

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